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  • March 13, 2021
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So now you’re applying to University and you have to write your Personal statement which needs to be perfect as well as your grades…


We know it can be Daunting!


 But we’re here to help so DONT PANIC 🙂


What Is A Personal Statement?

This statement is sent with your application to the universities you apply to, here you can talk about your relevant skills and experiences and describe why you want to study your chosen course.

What Do I Write?


You can only write ONE personal statement so keep that in mind when you’re writing and avoid mentioning specific university or college names.

Look at the course descriptions and use that to find what qualities and experience they’re looking for to help you.

Think about why you’re suitable i.e.: skills and achievements from college or work that you can talk about.

Why are you applying? Tell them, include your interests and how this course will allow you to achieve your career goals.


Here are some links to help you:

UCAS Personal Statement Help

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