About Us

Utopia Academy

Leading You To The Right Institute

The word “Utopia” refers to a state of perfection. We aim for perfection with every single individual applicant in order to maximise their true potential.

Utopia Academy was founded in 2009 and since then, the organization has consolidated its position as a leading provider of higher and further education consultancy within London. Through our help, many students have obtained their dream positions at top universities around the UK, providing a means of helping each and every student to both achieve their goals, and reach their full potential.

Utopia Academy will assist your application on an individual basis at no cost. Providing individually tailored advice, CV and personal statement guidance and even help you apply for funding.

No matter what your background, we can aid you into higher education. Commonly students complete A levels (or equivalent) and are eligible to apply for university. Alternatively, we are able to help those who may have completed a Functional Skills course instead.

Initially set up by two individuals, Kazi Hossain and Mikail Huda, the organization has gone on to help countless individuals enrol into higher education institutes (HEI). These visionaries saw a future in which they could help people of all circumstances, especially those who were looking to strengthen their academic backgrounds, to obtain a bright future through higher education.  Today this vision is a reality as we have managed to enrol students with Functional Skills certifications into HEIs. No matter what educational background, we are able to provide assistance on an individual basis. For example, without A levels; to obtain a bright future through higher education.

Our Aims

To provide a seamless application experience into Higher Education Institutions around the world, and offer advice and direct assistance on an individual basis for all of our applicants.

Your journey matters to us.

We want to perfect the application process, make it in essence,